HyperKewl - TechKewl & Coolpax TechKewl Phase Changing Fire resistant FR Cooling vest (6626-N) - NOMEX

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Keep your body cool at a constant 14°C during 2-3 hours with this fire resistant NOMEX cool vest using the Techkewl Phase Changing Cooling inserts even in the most challenging circumstances under your workwear or firefighters uniform. ...More information

Product description

Techkewl/Hyperkewl cool vests made from fire-resistant fibre Nomex include a set of four 6665 Cool Pax inserts. The colour is blue. Available in M/L , L/XL and 2XL. A cooler bag is included.


Keep your body cool at a constant 14°C during 2-3 hours with this cool vest using the Techkewl Phase Changing Cooling inserts even in the most challenging circumstances.


Cool vests for use when contact with fire

Main applications: when you are wearing workwear that is not breathing and you have possible contact with flames. Eg under a chemical tight suit, for firefighters, metal casting, welding, in petrochemical industry, when protecting yourself against electric arc, when heat and flames are present or possible. 

Nomex is fiber of choice when in contact with flames

Most official instances and fire brigades have made Nomex the fiber of choice over eg Indura. That is why we recommend to use this cooling vest when you are working as a firefighter or in an area with risk of flammability.


How to cool the cool vest before use?

This TechKewl™ Phase Change Cooling fabric technology helps you to maintain a cool body core in challenging conditions, whether you are working, competing or recovering from strenuous exercise. Our CoolPax inserts create a cooling effect that can be used over and over again. Simply cool them in the freezer or iced water to activate and enjoy 2-3 hours at a constant cool temperature of 14°C.


Lightweight Cool vests 

These cool vests with TechKewl™ Phase Change Cooling clothing and Nomex fire-resistant fiber and CoolPax™ inserts are made as light as possible so that it can be worn unobtrusively during strenuous activities. The only thing you will notice is the cooling benefit.


Cooling vests are used by many armies

The Military forces use Coolvests:



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