General terms & conditions

Article 1

All agreements of purchase and sale shall be governed solely by the terms and conditions listed below. Any deviation from these conditions shall apply only once and is effective only after written confirmation.


Article 2

1. Orders that have been accepted by us commit to delivery within the specified time period, however we are not liable for the consequences of force majeur. Too late orders does not give the buyer the right to cancel the order or to claim damages.

2. Agreed contract orders that have not been ordered, give us the right to send to our customer in full within the agreed period. The buyer is obliged to accept the goods and pay.


Article 3

1. Customized products are kept in stock only after signing a separate agreement.

2. The agreed stock levels should always be taken. Within 12 months upon termination of the contract, the buyer should take the remaining stock within one month.

3. When a contract is in place with an agreed consuption, we are allowed to send goods prior to the call for the goods if the consumption is not in line with the agreed volumes. The buyer is obliged to pay regardless of any demand and / or supply.


Article 4

1. In case of force majeure, including late delivery due to our suppliers, we reserve the right to delay delivery or to cancel the agreement. This also applies to temporary or permanent (eg, end of life) unavailability of certain goods.

2. However, we always strive to offer you a real alternative.


Article 5

1. Our quoted price, excluding VAT, is valid until the day of delivery. For all orders in Europe,  you do not pay shipping costs for a value above € 200 ex VAT (242 euro incl VAT) for a delivery in a UPS Access Point and for a standard UPS delivery. All orders below this value have a shipping cost of 25 euro.

2. We always reserve the right to raise our prices. In-call and contract orders we have to calculate unless otherwise agreed in writing. Law increase of import duties, taxes or rates in our prices  


Article 6

1. We offer a wide range of delivery methods. If the buyer requests a specific shipping method that we do not offer standard, then the additional costs for his account.


Article 7

1. Every agreement of purchase and sale is entered into under the condition that the buyer is sufficiently creditworthy. It sold remain our property until full payment.

2. Our standard payment terms are 30 days from invoice date or by online payment at the shop unless otherwise agreed in writing. There may be deducted from the amount payable if payment is made within 3 days of the invoice date. 2%

3. If not receiving payment by the Due Date, the buyer will receive an increased invoice of both 10% interest counting from the due date PLUS an additional penalty of 10% of the amount due with a minimum of 50 euro.

4. As long as the buyer has not paid the amount due and payable purchase price, we are entitled to suspend to fulfill our obligations

5. The buyer is not entitled under complaint or complaints to suspend payment. Wholly or partially


Article 8

1. Our responsibility ends with the acceptance of delivery by the purchaser or his representative. Any complaints must be made within 14 days of delivery. Written Is there an unexpected purchased item that does not meet your needs, you can also specify this within 14 days of delivery using the complaint and then Safety Workwear Shop can approve your return based on your specified reason.

3. The buyer will not be returning goods only after this agreement has been reached with the seller in writing. For this, the buyer can easily create a complaint message (via a ticket in the customer account).

4. Returns of products (only unused items!) is easy. When the buyer can show pictures and the proff of reception, the buyer can return these goods with our logistics partners. Pro-Sweat organizes this return. The cost is equivalent to 10 euros + 5% of the value of the returned product (for Belgium and the Netherlands) and 20 euros + 5% of the value of the returned product (Luxembourg, Germany, France, Britain, Spain and Italy). In addition, you will receive a voucher worth the value of the returned goods for your next order.

5. If our customer can clearly indicate within three days that a wrong product was shipped through photos and the delivery, then these unused products can be free and immediately exchanged for the correct product and our customer immediately receives also the sincere apologies of Pro-Sweat.


Article 9

1. For disputes arising from a contract of sale, the courts of the registered office have jurisdiction: in Belgium the Antwerp courts have jurisdiction.



Information about Pro-Sweat


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