Shipping & returns


Pro-Sweat has selected its transport partner so that our customers can choose from a wide range of shipping methods and associated correct shipping costs.

In this way, businesses, schools and consumers of our products delivered at home, on the farm or at a retail point that is easily accessible and in the evenings or weekends.

You have already Free shipping in whole Europe for orders above 200 euro (242 euro incl VAT) for shipments with UPS and Kiala/UPS Access Points.


SWS - Clear and correct Return Policy


A large number of online shops that operate in the European market, are in conflict with the European Consumer Rights Directive. The shop of Pro-Sweat completely follows the European directives regarding return policy, and is also very clear about the rights and obligations of customers at his shop. The following are the house rules of Pro-Sweat.


* Pro-Sweat displays clear images, specifications and applications of the products and we do not aspire to be but a mere "fashion" shop. Pro-Sweat is a webshop with workwear and safety products, so a customer must first properly identify what sizes, what protection for your activities and functionalities you need prior to ordering.

* Is there nevertheless a purchased item that does not meet your requirements, please indicate this within 14 days of delivery simply by sending an email to [email protected] and then Pro-Sweat can approve your return based on your specified reason within 48 hours.

* Returns products (only unused items!) are accepted. Return is processed easily with our logistics partners. The cost is equivalent to 10 euros + 5% of the value of the returned product (for Belgium and the Netherlands) and 20 euros + 5% of the value of the returned product (Luxembourg, Germany, France, Britain, Spain and Italy). In addition, you will receive a voucher worth the value of the returned goods for your next order.

* If our customer can clearly indicate within three days that a wrong product was shipped through photos and the proof of delivery, then these unused products can be exchanged immediately and free of cost and our customer immediately receives also the sincere apologies of Pro-Sweat.